4 Backyard Water Features for Your Enjoyment

Interested in turning a boring plot of grass in the backyard into a relaxing oasis? A soothing water feature may be the answer. From easier projects like fountains and container water features to more complex ideas like a waterfall, homeowners have many options when it comes to introducing a bit of zen to a backyard. It all depends on your budget and desired level of involvement.

Garden Fountains — A walk through the local home improvement store can reveal several water feature options, including traditional fountains. For the experienced DIYer, an outdoor fountain installation requires an afternoon of effort. If you’re interested in an environmentally friendly power source that can save you in operation costs, opt for a solar-powered model.

Ponds — Homeowners with some yard to spare can go all in with a garden pond. Whether you go big or small, be sure to check with local utilities before you begin the installation of an in-ground pond.

Container Water Features — Don’t have the room for a fountain or a pond but still want the soothing sounds of water? Look into a self-contained water feature. Select a watertight container that works with your decor and pick up a water fountain kit, which includes a pump. Be sure to position the container within reach of a power source before adding the water.

Waterfalls — Creating a backyard waterfall may result in the ultimate zen experience, but before you start, be certain you have the skills for the project. You may need a dedicated electric circuit and a water source; if you don’t have plumbing or electrical skills, this may be better left to the professionals.

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