4 Creative Solutions for Underused Spaces

No matter their size, most homes have at least one area that’s underutilized or collecting junk. Whether it’s an odd space under the stairs, an awkward corner in a large room or even an empty bedroom, turn it into something you and your family can benefit from. Here are four common wasted spaces and ideas for putting them to use:

Under the Stairs — Many home staircases come with an odd, triangle-shaped closet underneath — one that isn’t used for much other than storing odds and ends, like wrapping paper or the vacuum. Reclaim the space by converting it into an out-of-the-way home office, spacious pantry or cozy sitting area.

In the Entry — Homeowners with a mudroom can attest to its utility. If you’re missing out, make your own version with a little forethought. Opt for a mix of benches and shelving to create a useful space for coats, shoes and other belongings.

Wasted Corners — Don’t give up and place an accent table or potted plant in the corner just because you don’t know what else to do with it. Instead, turn it into a relaxing reading nook, fun kid’s corner or cozy spot reserved for lounging.

That Extra Room — Whether it’s a formal dining room, an extra bedroom or a basement, make sure you’re maximizing the square footage you’ve invested in. Is there a hobby you or your family enjoys? This is the prime spot for crafting or to show off a special collection. Or you can turn the bonus room into a home theater for all-around family fun.

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