4 Ideas for Secret Spaces in Your Home

Safes hidden cleverly behind wall art and bookshelves concealing private rooms aren’t just for the movies. With a little imagination and proper design, you can have a secret space of your own. Consider the options below for storing valuables, hiding a private chamber or simply adding intrigue to your home.

Install an Inconspicuous Wall Safe — Installing a wall safe is probably the easiest way to add a secret nook to your home. You can store expensive jewelry, family heirlooms and important documents with added security and minimal cost.

Create a Hidden Playroom — Remember how fun it was to build pillow forts and other hideaways when you were a kid? Why not make the area underneath the stairs a secret room for the kids to store their toys and play in?

Design a Secret Passageway — The hidden passage has been a trope in mystery movies for decades. It’s a more involved project, but it can provide an escape route and exciting feature to your home. You are only limited by your imagination on where the secret passage takes you.

Build a Safe Room — While hidden playrooms and secret passageways are fun, sometimes private areas are created for peace of mind. Safe or “panic” rooms are popular among the rich and famous and can be as simple or elaborate as desired.

Could you and your household make good use of a secret space? Consider adding a layer of security to your valuables or creating a private hideaway while making your home more unique and interesting.

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