6 Ideas for a Father’s Day Room Makeover

Is there a spare room in the house that could be put to better use? Consider converting it into a space for dad. Think about the activities he enjoys and build a room for him to enjoy them in. Whether it’s an attic, a spare bedroom or a garage, most rooms can be converted into comfortable man caves.

The Movie Lover — Build a home theater for the movie lover in your life. Include dedicated, comfortable seating, a great screen, surround sound and storage.

The Tech Head — A new trend in home improvement is the media room, which is an evolution of the home theater. A media room is more open and flexible than a home theater and can include tables for laptops, shelves for gaming consoles and other tech toys. Don’t forget the WiFi!

The Sports Fan — The sports fan may be just as happy with a media room as the tech head; it’s a matter of decor. A big screen television is a must. A refrigerator is also a good idea. To make it perfect for game day, install a wet bar and consider adding some favorite team memorabilia.

The Do-it-Yourselfer — A workshop for the DIYer in your life can pay off for everyone. A workbench is a must. Shelves and storage are also important to keep the workshop tidy.

The Reader — Sometimes a quiet place to read a book is all a man needs. Look into a comfy recliner, good lighting and a side table or shelf for his drink. If you’re ambitious, create a library so he has a place for all of his favorite books.

The Artist — If the father in your life is the creative type, build a studio. You’ll need great lighting for the work area. Art can be messy, so a cleanup area is essential. Go the extra mile by installing a sink to rinse brushes and wash hands, and add an apron to protect dad’s clothes.

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