7 Home Repairs Handy Homeowners Can Handle

7 DIY Home Projects for Any Skill Level

Water coming in through the roof? Faulty wiring in the walls? Air conditioning broken? Some home issues that arise require a call to the professionals for safe, effective repair. But there are other jobs handy homeowners can tackle without calling in the pros. Here are seven fixes for the DIY homeowner:

Running Toilet — Is your toilet continuously running? Take a few moments to get familiar with the mechanisms inside the tank, follow a few simple steps and you can likely have it back in quiet operation in no time.

Leaky Faucet — As with any plumbing fix, always make sure to turn the water off at the shut-off valve before beginning work. Next, figure out which type of faucet you have; leak fixes vary based on faucet models. Most issues require a minimal investment in both time and cost.

Kitchen Sink Disposal — You may not have to buy a new kitchen sink disposal if yours stops working. A repair could be as easy as finding the right size hex key (also known as an Allen wrench). As with any fix dealing with electricity, make sure the unit is unplugged first, or turn off the power at the circuit breaker, before working with it.

Slow or Clogged Kitchen Drain — A slow kitchen drain can mean a clog, or it could be a jammed disposal. Check the disposal first (see above). After that, try the plunger in case the issue is just a clog in the line. If none of that works, you may need to snake the line.

Painting a Room — If you want to paint your whole house, hiring a professional may be worth the money. If it’s just a single room you need painted, consider doing it yourself. Learn how to prepare a room for painting like the pros do.

Stuck Windows — Does that window just not want to open? Stuck windows are common, especially when made of wood, which tends to swell and contract with the weather. You may need only a putty knife or a butter knife to get it unstuck.

Replacing a Light Fixture — Dealing with any electrical issue may seem daunting, but as long as you follow basic rules of safety, replacing a light fixture can be simple. Be sure to turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker before you begin.

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