Adding Beneficial Elements to Your Garden

When you’re faced with an organic problem in the garden, do you reach for a chemical solution? Using an insecticide to get rid of one pest can often kill others that are helpful. Not all insects eat your plants, and not all birds eat your tomatoes. Have nature work for you by finding the right critters to invite into your garden.

Most know that earthworms are good for the soil, but what about other options? Insects of all kinds provide benefits ranging from pollinating flowers and vegetables to providing natural pest control. Ladybugs, for example, aren’t just pretty; they dine on pesky plant-eaters like aphids, mites and mealybugs.

Toads and Lizards
A little higher on the food chain are reptiles and amphibians. Most small lizards and toads are insectivores, and enticing them to your garden isn’t difficult. Frogs and toads love small water features or ponds while lizards like to nest in logs or small rock piles.

Most gardeners try their best to keep birds away from their plants and vegetables, but find the right kind of birdand you’ll have an instant garden helper. If you’re nervous about protecting your fruits and veggies, aim to attract bluebirds and nuthatches, which dine solely on insects.

Bats aren’t necessarily the scary, disease-infested flying mammals they’re made out to be. They deserve attention for their champion bug-eating abilities. Bats can eat thousands of mosquitoes in a single night, and they don’t shy away from pest insects, which can come in handy in a garden.

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