Home Designs From Your Favorite TV Shows

Get Inspired by TV Show Home Design

Did you ever long to live in the improbably large New York apartment on “Friends”? How about the funky 1970s split-level from “The Brady Bunch”? Whether they exist on a set or in real life, you can add elements of these iconic designs to your own home.

Colorful and Eclectic — The “Friends” apartment in Greenwich Village is characterized by lots of colors and a mix of styles that somehow all worked. If you want a lively setting like this but you’re not ready to paint your walls purple, try adding multicolored pillows or throws. And if you have closed cabinets, consider removing the doors or replacing them with open shelving.

’70s Nostalgia — If you’re more interested in a retro look, add deep orange, avocado green and dark wood to your interior to mimic the color scheme of “The Brady Bunch” house. You might also consider rounded velvet chairs and sofas in mustard, navy or deep shades of red.

Quirky and Unique — Add a little “Addams Family” flair to your home with faux taxidermy. Using textiles, ceramic, paper or other uncommon materials, this modern take on the original is both animal-friendly and creative. You could also incorporate faux fur accents, such as a rug, throw or pillow.

Conversation Pit — Don Draper’s Upper East Side home in “Mad Men” is perfect for those who like to entertain guests. With white carpeting and various seating arrangements, his spacious sunken living room encourages social interaction and leisure.

Do you prefer a more modern or conventional look for your home? Hand-drawn floor plans of your favorite TV show home can pay tribute while serving as a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.

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