Home Security While You’re on Vacation

Are you planning a vacation over the holidays? Those getaways can often mean spending extended time away from your home, leaving some of your most valuable possessions unattended. Thankfully, improving the safety of your home requires minimal effort. It’s all about purposeful preparation.

Here are four safety tips to help protect your home from a break-in:

1. Give the appearance that you’re still home. If you’re leaving a vehicle behind while you travel, consider parking it in the driveway. In addition, smart home lighting can be a great security precaution. Set your lights to turn on and off on a timer or control the schedule from your smartphone. Also, consider pausing your paper and mail delivery to avoid a noticeable pileup.

2. Do some safeguarding. Before you leave, make sure your home insurance is updated and lock up your valuables. If you have a security camera or an alarm system, check to see that it’s working properly. Similarly, let your home security company know that you’ll be out of town.

3. Think twice before posting on social media. Most of us love sharing pictures of our vacation on social media, but refraining may do your home a favor. Advertising your absence can make your valuables a more likely target for burglary.

4. Ask a trusted neighbor to check in. Consider having a friend visit your house once or twice while you’re away. Whether they’re watering your plants or putting the garbage out, their presence can give you peace of mind and provide some activity around your home.

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