Low-Maintenance Lawn Care

Tackle These 6 Easy Lawn Care Projects:

April is National Lawn Care Month, making it the perfect time to show your lawn some love. That’s not to say that you need to spend hours of time and hundreds of dollars. A great yard can be had without a ton of time and money. Here are six tips to get you there.

1. Alternative Ground Cover: Having a vibrant lawn doesn’t mean it has to be grass. Look for ground cover alternatives or turfgrasses like mondo grass, monkey grass or jasmine. Ask your local nursery for advice on what works for your specific climate.

2. Artificial Grass: If artificial turf makes you think of miniature golf or football stadiums, you have an outdated idea of the product. Today’s artificial turf looks natural, stays cool and takes the hassle out of yard maintenance.

3. Mulch: You could extend flower beds out into the lawn, mulching over the landscape. The mulch will help the ground retain moisture and fertilize the soil.

4. Stone: Stones aren’t just for bordering flower beds. They can add texture and interest to your outdoor space all by themselves and without needing water. Crushed granite paths keep the weeds down and lead guests through your outdoor space.

5. Patios and Decks: While the initial investment is greater than planting grass, putting down a stone patio or a wood deck eliminates the need for grass and adds extra space for entertaining or cooking outside.

6. Xeriscaping: Xeriscaping is more of a low-maintenance philosophy than a tip. Use native plants, which are usually drought-resistant, perennial (they come back season after season) and require little care other than the occasional trim.

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