Spring-Cleaning Tips That Go Below the Surface

While changing the bedding and decluttering the closet are good starts, spring-cleaning often means more than washing and reorganizing. From your kitchen to your yard, preventive maintenance and repairs should be added to this annual routine.

Bathrooms — Begin by scrubbing down those hard-to-reach areas behind the toilet and under the tap. While you’re at it, check the sink and pipes for leaks, and recaulk around the tub or shower as necessary.

Kitchen — In addition to a deep cleaning, check your kitchen appliances and see if they need any maintenance. And while a wipedown and mopping are sufficient for everyday countertop or floor upkeep, some surfaces may occasionally need resealing or other treatments.

Bedrooms — Properly store winter clothes and bedding for their summer hibernation. Shampooing or steam cleaning carpets can help get rid of accumulated dust and allergens that routine vacuuming doesn’t. And don’t forget window treatments; they can collect a lot of dust as well.

HVAC — Check out your HVAC system, and make sure it’s ready for warmer temperatures. Change your air filter if necessary, and remove any accumulated debris away from the outside condenser.

Exterior — When clearing the gutters of leaves, check for clogged downspouts. Inspecting the roof for any loose shingles or winter damage can help you take care of problems before summer arrives. Is your home outfitted with storm windows? Carefully removing, cleaning and storing these windows until the fall can help them last longer. And if you find peeling paint along your home’s exterior, do some spot painting while the weather’s nice.

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