Sustainable Materials for Your Home

“Going green” may be a common buzz phrase, but a growing number of designers and homeowners are seeing the benefits of sustainable design. Whether you are looking to have a smaller environmental footprint or you just want to save money on utility bills, going green is easier than ever.

Green Building Techniques
Eco-minded builders are using old and new techniques to make homes more energy efficient and environmentally sound. Designing smaller homes is one way to use less material and energy, and simply facing your home any direction but west may lower your utility bills.

Sustainable Materials
From raw building materials to finishes, there are green options for every aspect of a home these days. For example, the Forest Stewardship Council certification ensures wood is harvested responsibly. Homeowners can choose from recycled or wool carpet or bamboo or cork flooring.

Recycled materials can also be used outside. Solar tiles, recycled shingles or even a living roof can lower bills and reduce your carbon footprint. You can use recycled rubber mulch or composite decking made from wood waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Final Touches
Once your home is built, fill it with Energy Star-rated appliances for maximum efficiency in the kitchen and laundry room. Many designers are using recycled materials for furniture, cabinetry and accessories to incorporate sustainable design in every room of the home, from the floors to the ceilings.

“Going green” may be a trendy topic, but using green building techniques can save you money, lower your ecological footprint and create a beautiful home at the same time.

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