Consider the Roof as You Make Landscaping Choices

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Cohesive Landscaping and Roofing

Many homeowners forget to incorporate the roof, one of the most visible parts of their house, into their landscape design. Whether you're buying a new roof or working with the one currently on your home, there are three aspects to take into account as you make landscaping decisions: color, shape and texture.


Whether you're working with traditional shingles, tiles or another material altogether, pay attention to the hue. Use the primary colors of both the roof and your home's siding, brick or stone to help guide landscaping choices. Opt to either complement the color or contrast it with the plants and hardscaping you pick out.

Is it time to reroof your home?

Give some thought to selecting a color and material that will contribute to a unified look.


There are plants and accessories that work well for each roof shape. Does your home have high, vertical rooflines? Use tall, thin trees to accentuate it. Does your house feature gables or a rolling roof? If so, look for hedges or bushes that will highlight the curves. Homeowners can even choose patio furniture that coordinates well with the roof and landscaping.


Whether a roof is covered in standard asphalt shingles, Spanish tile or something else entirely, there's a texture to work with. Wood shakes, slate and tile are a few roofing types that provide inspiration for hardscaping; a cobblestone path or stone retaining wall can carry those textures down from the roof and into the landscape.

Plants can also help bridge the visual gap. One technique is to place plants that most resemble the colors of the roof close to the house, then play off the roof's texture as you plant farther away from the home.

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