Are you making these costly HVAC mistakes in your home?

HVAC Issues Homeowners Can Avoid

Are you making home heating and cooling decisions that seem harmless, like closing air vents indefinitely or putting off air filter replacement? If so, you may be contributing to higher bills and a shorter life span for your HVAC system. Here are a few HVAC-related mistakes homeowners may inadvertently make as well as how to avoid them.

Improper Thermostat Settings — Setting the thermostat to extremes throughout the year can lead to high energy bills. Homeowners can take control and save as much as 10 percent annually by setting the thermostat back 8 to 10 degrees for at least eight hours a day. Programmable thermostats make this an easy habit to adopt.

Closed Vents — Closing vents to rarely used rooms can reduce energy bills, right? Wrong. Closed vents create negative pressure, which can lead to outside air being pulled in through cracks around windows and walls. The HVAC system then works that much harder to maintain your temperature settings.

Cluttered Condenser Area — The outdoor condenser unit dissipates the heat removed from your home, but only if it’s receiving the proper airflow. Shrubbery, weeds and other items within a couple of feet from the equipment can hinder that. To help achieve peak efficiency, clear away plant matter and other debris on a regular basis.

Dirty Air Filters — Regularly changing your home’s air filters should be a top priority to maintain system efficiency and enjoy clean air. Filters that are caked with dirt impede airflow, causing the HVAC system to work harder to pull air into the system.

Irregular Maintenance — Similar to vehicles, home heating and cooling systems require occasional preventive maintenance to keep them operating in peak condition. Add professional maintenance to your calendar and schedule it in advance so you don’t forget. You’ll be glad you did when you receive your next utility bill!

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