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Beauty arises from the union of design and function. At Beauchain, we know that every family has unique needs. That’s why we specialize in designing truly custom kitchens and bathrooms that work with the way you and your family live. Whether you’ve been dreaming about your project for years or are just beginning to see the possibilities, we want to help you bring your vision to life. Talk with us, and you’ll soon find out why hundreds of homeowners send their closest friends and family members to us!

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"Wonderful. Very professional, friendly, helpful. Excellent experience. Did everything I asked. Very neat and clean. Quick. Recommended best solutions. Would definitely recommend them for any home improvement job. Will be using them again. Was kept well informed as to price, time and payment transactions. A really great company. Honest about all phases."

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At Beauchain Builders, we know that every family has unique needs. That's why we specialize in creating custom kitchens, bathrooms, and fully functional home interiors that work with the way you and your family live. Whether you've been dreaming about your project for years or are just beginning to see the possibilities, we will help you to bring your vision to life. With a team of passionate designers, we go the extra mile to achieve your dream within your budget.

Are you thinking about a renovation?
We understand that doing a large renovation can be a challenge. That’s why we come up with a plan to manage the renovation in phases. (ex. Doing a master suite renovation and completing the bedroom before starting the master bathroom.)

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Kitchen Remodel Planner
The team at Beauchain believes that the heart of a house is the kitchen. That's why offer complete kitchen remodeling services that can transform your kitchen into a place where you can enjoy a meal with the family or gather with friends. Our kitchen design solutions are functional and designed to work with the flow of your family. We use only top quality materials and appliances for a distinct feel.  
Bathroom Renovation Contractors
We want you to love your bathroom. That’s why we provide the best design solutions that will create the most functionality for your family. We work with the most creative plumbers and electricians to help create your perfect space. No matter what you’re looking for, you can get the bathroom that you have been dreaming of. Bathroom remodeling can be very exciting. It’s your chance to be creative and get the space that you have always wanted.  
Home Improvement Contractors
On top of doing kitchen and bathroom remodels, we also provide full home renovations. We get to give you the opportunity to completely customize your home to fit your needs. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom or add another bedroom, we have you covered.  
Basement Renovation
If your basement is unfinished or if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, we got you! With the help of Beauchain Builders, you can explore multiple design ideas from a simple playroom to creating a full entertainment theatre. Quick start your estimation process.


What Makes us Different
  • Best renovation solutions
  • Top quality work
  • The highest level of satisfaction.
Complete Renovation
From small projects to full home renovations, we can do it all!
No Surprise Costs
Before finalizing the project, we present you with a final detailed summary of the expenses for the renovation with the materials and the services you chose.


Our Team

Our team of professionals have worked together for over 15 years. Our electricians and plumbers are licensed and insured along with our suppliers who have demonstrated their reliability and great customer service.

We provide complete home remodeling and renovation construction services and we also specialize in Kitchen And Bath Remodeling and House Renovation or Quality Home Improvement. We also provide Small Bathroom Renovations or Small Kitchen Remodel, Basement Renovations, Replacing Ceiling Drywall nearby the below area:

Virginia: Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington, Prince William County

Maryland: Montgomery County

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