Basement Renovation

Give the foundation of your house more strength and make it look new with our basement renovation services.

During our 40 years of working in the industry, Beauchain Builders has satisfied a long list of customers. Basements are undoubtedly an integral part of the house, and any issues with the design of your basement should be addressed promptly. We have different ideas for each basement as everyone uses their basement differently.

Why a basement renovation?

Basement Renovation Increase Home Value
If you have a finished basement, then the value of the home will inevitably increase and make your home more enticing for buyers.

Basement Renovation: An Option Of Rental Income
Even if you are not planning on selling your home, you can still have an option for rental income. By transforming your basement into a living space, you can easily put your basement to work and earn money.

Work/Life Balance
You can transform your basement into a mini office, gym, kids playroom, and even into a gaming or indoor sports room. There are many ways you can update your basement when you decide to do a renovation

More Storage Space
An unfinished basement has limited storage space, but you can get better storage by merely choosing a basement renovation.

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Get in contact for basement renovation pricing

First, you will have to contact us and give the details of your project. The second step is to set up an in-home consultation. During your consultation, you will receive a rough estimate for what your project might cost. In the third step, you will receive a retainer contract that sets up the framework for completing the design of your project. Fourth Step, you will receive an estimate personalized to your families wants and needs.

We always complete basement renovations on schedule, and that’s why our basement renovation services include minimal downtime. We know how to get the job done within the specified timeframe.

100% Transparency
You will be updated regarding every stage of the progress of your project because we believe in keeping the client in the loop during the project. You will also receive a calendar with all project milestones till completion.

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