5 Overlooked Costs of Homeownership

Owning a Home: The Real Costs

One of the most exciting moments in a person’s life is when he or she finds the perfect home and can afford the asking price. But after the mountain of paperwork is signed and the real estate agents go home, the real price tag of home-ownership starts to sink in.

Maintenance — Even if you’re buying a brand-new home, there will be ongoing maintenance costs. Roofs need periodic upkeep and will eventually need to be replaced. Gutters, air conditioners, sump pumps and appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers also need regular attention. Follow a maintenance checklist so you can stay on top of all the necessary tasks and help keep costs down.

Recurring Costs — In addition to your mortgage, it’s important to budget for related financial responsibilities. Property taxes, insurance payments and utility bills are ongoing expenses every homeowner should take into account.

Lawn Care — Does your new home have a lawn that needs mowing or flower beds you’re eager to plant? Equipment such as a lawnmower, edgers and trimmers are necessary if you plan to handle the yard yourself. If not, you’ll probably want to pay someone to take care of your outdoor space.

Pest Control — Controlling pests, both inside and outside of the house, is an important part of property upkeep. Preventive control is often cheaper than clearing out an infestation of termites or carpenter ants.

HOAs — Homeowners associations are common, whether you bought a house or a condominium, and fees are generally associated with the HOA. These fees are used to maintain common areas and make sure members abide by the rules of the association.

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