How to Care for Your Lawn and Garden This Fall

Keeping your home’s outdoor space looking beautiful requires work in every season. A fall task list to ensure a healthy lawn and productive garden can be lengthy, ranging from leaf removal and grass cutting to planting and fertilizing. Grab your gardening gloves and get to work with the help of this organized breakdown.

Lawn Maintenance
Different grasses require different care once cooler temperatures set in. But as long as your grass is growing, continue mowing. Once leaves begin to fall, rake them up, compost them or use a mulching mower that shreds them into small pieces. Letting them accumulate on the lawn indefinitely can trap moisture, which can be detrimental to the grass.

Fall is also the prime period for aerating cool-season grasses like fescue, bluegrass and rye. This one-day chore loosens compacted soil and promotes healthy root development. Applying winterizing fertilizer after aeration can encourage hardiness.

Plant trees and shrubs in the fall, but make sure you get started earlier in the season. Root systems continue expanding while the soil is still warm, setting a newly planted tree up nicely for winter growth in time for spring foliage.

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, colorful flowers such as irises, tulips and daffodils should be planted in the fall.

Some vegetables grow well in cooler autumn and winter temperatures. However, successfully growing crops like radishes, leaf lettuce and spinach is highly dependent on the timing of the year’s first frost, so do some research before you plant.

Think you’re out of luck since you don’t have a lot of space? Fall harvests are still within reach thanks to container gardens. Planting in pots allows you more control over the soil, plus you can move them inside when the frost hits.

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