8 Top Trends for Kitchen Countertop Designs in 2020


A few decades ago, the kitchen was just a place where food was prepared, and the plates were washed. But fast-forward to 2020, this has changed a lot, a kitchen is a place that brings the family together.

The kitchen has evolved a lot in terms of its requirements and designs over the years. A lot of things are happening around the world, which changes the way we feel about our kitchen. In a fast-paced, show-off world, it becomes important to alter the traditional designs and look for advancements. 2020 is seeing some of the best trends in kitchen countertop designs, which are as follows.

Smart Kitchens

– With technology influencing all aspects of our lives,  it has also changed the way our traditional kitchen functions. Smart Kitchens have changed the way we perform day to day kitchen tasks and have made things easier.

Technology has entered the kitchen industry with a full force with not just fancy appliances and smart gadgets, but it can be integrated into a lot of things within the kitchen premises. Smart Kitchens are continuously evolving in all aspects, whether it is design, usability, control features, or intelligence.

Refrigerators that alert you when you are running out of groceries, coffee makers that are programmed to make coffees as soon as you wake up, motion sensor-equipped faucets that automatically start when you place your hands underneath, gadgets which monitor your eggs and tell you which ones are going bad are all small parts of what your Smart Kitchen could actually look like.


– As any interior designer might say, choosing the color theme is important. Good color contrast can make interiors look amazing. The same thing goes with the kitchen as well, although plain white cabinets always looked good in any kitchen, with new things coming into place, we are seeing this trend fall off. Kitchen Modulators and designers are experimenting with new color designs and schemas.

Storage Solutions

– Shelves and drawers are structured in a way that leaves a lot of wasted space. There are times when your kitchen essentials don’t fit in the space that you do have. Using a customizable solution for storage helps to save a lot of space and organize your kitchen in a better way.

Garages for small gadgets, drawers for utensils and cutlery, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, roll-out trays and caddies for pans, wastebasket cabinets for garbage and deep drawers. All of these will make storing foods, drinks, and small machines easy and presentable.


– Hardwood flooring has been popular since the beginning of time and is still the most popular flooring. Next on the list is ceramic tile flooring. Ceramic tile is highly customizable and can be adjusted to contrast with wall designs. The kitchen flooring standards are no longer confined to basic flooring systems. Thanks to technology, we now have infinite designs to choose from.

Wood and Plaster Cabinets

-Natural wood and plaster designs are trending today. This is not new to the kitchen cabinet arena but was considered exclusive for magical places like Mallorca or the Coasts of Mexico years ago. Home remodeling service providers give you the luxury to choose from a lot of designs and furnishings for your kitchen space.


Create a Coffee Bar

-A great idea for a coffee lover is to set up a coffee bar right in your kitchen. A small built-in coffee bar with an espresso machine, fridge, and shelving are what you need to style up your kitchen.

Open Shelves

– Setting up new cabinets can be expensive, but open shelves can be structured to make it an affordable deal and minimize investments.


Bright lights can open up your kitchen space without a lot of investment. Also, getting the walls painted with colors contrasting the lights amplify it a little further.

Kitchen Storage

– Kitchen supplies are no longer kept just under the sink. Separate cabinets are designed for different uses. They are large enough to store brooms, cleaning supplies, and paper goods, but small enough to keep it organized. Setting up kitchen cabinets according to your family’s requirements can transform the kitchen and make it look appealing to guests.

With remodeling services providers facilitating and handling all the kitchen remodeling requirements, it becomes easy for homeowners to get what they want without actually worrying about the basic design settings and operations. It saves a lot of time and energy and gives them better outputs as the work is done by professionals.

Beauchain Builders has successfully served our clients for over 30 years, each with different requirements and budgets. With a team of highly qualified professionals, we promise you the best quality for your kitchen.

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