Simple Ways To Add Color To Your Kitchen During Renovation

There are a number of reasons why homeowners choose to remodel their kitchen. Some reasons include increasing the value of their home, modernizing or implementing energy savings for their home. Regardless of the reason, there is always a sense of excitement to see the finished product. The weeks it takes to remodel a kitchen builds anticipation to see the finished results.

Since a kitchen remodels can bring the biggest value to a home, you definitely want to take special care in selecting the right materials for the project. The 2020 kitchen trends introduce color, brass accessories and an eclectic blend of different lighting and materials. There are a few ways to introduce the current trends into your kitchen remodel design by introducing colorful materials and accessories.

Colorful Tile

Tile is a wonderful technique of introducing color into a kitchen. Tile is commonly used as a backsplash and may contrast with the countertops. Using bold colors such as blues, corals, or even bright reds can be an eye-catching focal point for your kitchen. Because design has no limits, you can also use tiling to add contrast on a kitchen island. If budget is a concern, you can use your current cabinetry and simply add tile to the perimeter of the island while creating a practical focal point within the kitchen. You may also add color by tiling over the stove area. Using tile on the floor is another bold statement that you can make in your kitchen.


Contrasting Cabinets

Contrasting cabinets is another trend that has been introduced to kitchen design. Bright and muted colors may be used to create a two-toned style. When creating this contrast,  you will accomplish a unique kitchen design that is eye-catching, sleek and modern. One excellent example is an all-white kitchen with matching white cabinetry yet light grey cabinets for the island. Another eye-catching cabinet combination is when your upper cabinets are one color and your lower cabinets are another color. For example, you can create a kitchen design that has darker lower cabinets and colorful upper cabinets. This type of design could create a fun and exciting area in your home.


Countertop Materials

If you’re feeling bold, countertops would be an excellent way to introduce color into your kitchen area. With numerous selections of countertop materials ranging from granite, quartz, and Corian materials, there is no shortage of creativity that you could use to introduce a splash of color in your kitchen. Often, color can be introduced in subtle ways, but contrasting is an excellent way to introduce visual interest and color into your kitchen. One material that is often overlooked for countertops is butcher block or reclaimed wood. Imagine having an island adorned with planks of reclaimed wood. Not only would this add interest to your kitchen, but it would also add a touch of earthy brown tones.

The Overlooked Area

When it comes to introducing color, the floor in a kitchen is sometimes overlooked. Often times, we play it safe when it comes to selecting flooring for our kitchen. Have you ever considered introducing fun colorful patterns using materials other than traditional wood or tile? There are different shades of wood that can introduce a colorful and interesting aspect of your flooring. You can also think about introducing wood planks that have different variations of brown. While this is an excellent way to add color, texture, and interest to a kitchen, introducing accent pieces in your flooring can create a colorful yet tasteful look that won’t overwhelm your eyes.

Colorful Accessories

Whether you have a small kitchen renovation or a full kitchen remodel, adding colorful accessories can create a tastefully decorated kitchen design that you would be proud to show off to your friends and loved ones. Color can be introduced using accessories in several ways such as using foods like fruit to adorn your countertops or a bouquet of colorful flowers for your eat-in breakfast area. Countertop accessories like a colorful stand mixer or plants can also be used to decorate and add a simple color aspect to your kitchen.

For a small kitchen renovation, you could consider adding colorful lighting over your countertop or island area. If you’re looking for a more permanent color additive, you can elect to incorporate colorful appliances such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove, into your newly renovated kitchen. Accessories are an inexpensive way to add charisma, charm, and character to your home. They can be changed to accommodate the time of year or changed to fit your current mood.

A kitchen renovation can be a daunting project, however, the end results can reassure you that it’s all worth it in the end. You certainly do not want to hand this task to just any company, as it is a part of your home. A remodeling project can be somewhat of an inconvenience while you’re living in the home. That’s why it is important to undertake this project with a company that is professional and considerate. More importantly, you want to make sure the company you select has extensive experience in kitchen remodels. You need to ensure they stick to the time table they provided to you before the Kitchen renovation. Whether you’re renovating to resell or to update your home, ensuring the results are of the best quality is the ultimate goal.

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