Backyard Improvements - 6 Projects for an Inviting Backyard

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Summertime Backyard Improvements

Your backyard is an extension of your living space, and ideally it's your go-to place for entertaining guests, playing with the kids or just relaxing. But if your outdoor area still needs some work, here are a few projects that can help make it a little more inviting.

Put in a fire pit

A fire pit is the perfect gathering place for friends and family. It can also be as simple or complicated as you want, from classic stone-lined to natural gas-fed. Bonus: Fire pits can be functional all year round.

Add a hammock

Nothing is quite as relaxing as an afternoon in a hammock. Hanging one is as simple as finding two sturdy trees. All you need to decide is if you want a single or a double.

Install or update an outdoor grill or kitchen

Summer gatherings tend to center around food, so an outdoor cooking space is never a bad idea. Plus, whether you just want a grill or an entire outdoor kitchen, there's an option for every budget.

Build a potting or tool shed

Do you need extra storage for gardening or lawn care tools? Or maybe just a little place for yourself? A shed can be functional and add some personality to your yard.  

Consider a treehouse

Give your kids their own backyard space with a playhouse or a treehouse. A playhouse can be as simple as buying a kit and constructing it, while treehouses may require a bit more research, expertise or professional help.

Organize your garage

Your garage could probably use some attention. It's where you store your tools, children's toys and other outdoor needs. Make it an extension of the backyard by dressing it up and making it more usable.

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