Home Renovation Tips for Expecting Parents

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Home renovations can be pretty challenging to pull through, especially if you are expecting a baby. In fact, it takes a lot of commitment and patience to see a renovation project in Northern Virginia to the end. Not the mention that the stress surrounding it might be detrimental to the health of the mother and the baby. Of course, both soon-to-be parents can be equally stressed out and inconvenienced by the remodelling process. Luckily, these home renovation tips for expecting parents should make life during renovations more manageable. 

It doesn’t matter if you plan to move into a new home with kids or remodel your old home. Even minor renovations tend to bring disorder and frustration. Not to mention it is definitely better to wrap up the renovations before you get the baby. Managing your time will be a devilish task with a newborn, so make sure you update your home for the arrival of your baby. Let’s see what might help.

Prepare the nursery for the baby

It is easier and safer to have the baby sleep in the same room where you sleep in the first few months. Regardless, putting off the update of their room can be a grave mistake. You need to consider the fact that the transfer to the baby’s room will have to happen sooner or later. If anything, at least make sure you purchase all of the necessary furniture and items you will need in the first year of your baby’s life. So, even if you don’t have the room prepared from top to bottom, you will be able to pull the item from storage when needed. 

Update the newborn’s room before your baby’s birth to keep everything stress-free.

Be sure to paint the walls, assemble the furniture, childproof the room, and do all other renovations that may be loud, messy, time-consuming, or create dust. These kinds of disruptions can either disturb the child or endanger their health, so it makes sense to wrap them up before your child comes from the hospital. Not to mention you will probably be too exhausted to juggle nursing a child and managing renovation projects.

Finish the floors

One of the secrets to good parenting is having quick and easy-to-clean floors. Your little munchkin is bound to make a mess here and there, so removing all carpeting might be a good idea. Tiling in the kitchen and bathroom and parquet or laminate in other areas should do the trick. Once the baby arrives, going through with such a large-scale project will be considerably more difficult. Particularly if you want to install hardwood flooring, which takes a few days. So, take all of this into account when you start preparations. 

Adapting bathrooms is one of the most important home renovation tips for expecting parents

Renovating a bathroom can be pretty overwhelming and wearisome, so getting it out of the way as soon as possible makes sense. Particularly if you only have a single bathroom in your home. Instead of having to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, you can install a baby-friendly tub.  In addition, perhaps you can re-design the bathroom so that you can have a dedicated place for changing diapers or potty training. 

Some changes to your bathroom may be necessary.

Get rid of mold

Aside from these concerns, be sure to carefully examine if the tiling, drywall, or other surfaces in your home might have developed mold and mildew. Depending on the extent of the renovations and/or the mold decontamination, these processes may make your home unhealthy to live in for a period of time. In this case, you might have to consider temporarily moving to a hotel or even a temporary Northern Virginia home until renovations in your home are finished. Luckily, it is relatively easy to organize a stress-free relocation for you and your family when you contact the right moving crew to help you out.

Repair the roof

Roof renovation is among the less fulfilling,  but necessary repairs that you will be thankful that you have done before your child’s birth. Patching up the roof is usually incredibly noisy, even if the repairs crew is experienced. In that sense, it is better to wrap this up while the baby is still on the way.

Bring in new appliances

It is not only the structural features of your home that might need an update, but old appliances might break down when you need them the most. So, it makes sense to take the time to switch to new ones. Find a local vendor and bundling your purchase, buying two or more appliances at once, will save you money.

Also, consider that you will have to wash your baby’s clothes practically every day, so a new, highly efficient washing machine and dryer might come in handy. Also, there will be an endless supply of dirty bottles and other utensils, so investing in a good dishwasher should save you a lot of time and nerves once your newborn comes into the home.

Childproof your kitchen

It is not too soon to think about placing safety latches on the kitchen cabinets and large appliances so you can get used to them before you need them. What’s more, this is the perfect opportunity to do a detailed inspection of the condition of your kitchen.  Take notice of rust, broken pieces, splintered wood, or anything else that your child might crawl to and get hurt.

All in all, we hope these home renovation tips for expecting parents will help you prep your home for the arrival of your new little one. Just keep in mind that the sooner you tackle these renovation projects, the better. Good luck!

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