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7 Home Upgrades That Retain Their Value

Improving your home can certainly add value to your house -- but only if you pick the right project. Some upgrades will be well worth the investment, while others will be a total loss. Here are eight projects, big and small, that retain their value the best according to a recent Cost vs. Value survey.

Smaller Projects

Replacing your front door with a steel door adds a layer of security to the house and retains 91 percent of the cost invested. Price tag: about $1,500.

Installing a new garage door may seem frivolous, but the cost (around $3,800) is offset by the value retained, 98 percent.

At about $8,600, replacing old siding with a partial stone veneer may be a little higher cost-wise. But it has shown to be a winner, retaining 97 percent of the value invested.

Larger Projects

A minor kitchen remodel -- think new paint, replacing cabinetry hardware and lighting -- might be expensive (up to $21,100), but it retains 81 percent of its value.

A minor bathroom remodel is in the same range as a minor kitchen remodel, retaining 70 percent of the $19,000 invested.Replacing old windows with vinyl, energy-efficient windows retains 74 percent of the close to $16,000 investment. Bonus: You'll likely see lower energy bills.

Replacing all of the siding on your home (roughly $15,000) not only improves curb appeal, but it's also a great return on investment. You retain around 77 percent of the value when you sell your home.

In general, projects that are larger in scope will retain the least value. Before you start any home improvement project, make sure to do your research -- especially if you plan to sell your house anytime soon.

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